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Refurb 3DS deals at Nintendo ⊟

I just rediscovered (via Bboy AJ) that if you want a cheap 3DS, you can order one from Nintendo. Refurbished 3DS XLs are just $135 ($150 for Yoshi/Mario Bros. LE’s); in addition, you can get a Pearl Pink 3DS for $95 or a red 2DS for $90.

I originally started this post “just a heads up” then I went back to the NeoGAF thread and of course Bboy AJ started his post exactly the same way. Man I am the worst.

BUY Nintendo 2DS & 3DS/XL, upcoming games


.•*¨`*•. ☆ Updated my blog ☆ .•*¨`*•.

Paying homage to the “Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood”. I’m really happy with how this little set turned out. ▷


you know part of the fucking the reason people “don’t take the social justice movement seriously” is because anti-sj blogs keep making these fucking parody posts that people think are unironic and it does nothing except give people more reason to say “hey i’m not gonna support…

robynred replied to your post “robynred started following you”

it took me a million years but yes hi :D




"obvious troll post"

more sjw bullshit

this is why 4 chan raided tumblr

i think a lot of aspiring internet critics and fans are forgetting that story and humor are additions to well-written criticism and not the other way around

people expect to put their shoes on before their socks and then get surprised when they slip and fall down

rolling on the floor laughing from film brain’s stuff is like rolling around laughing at a really well-written fall out boy lyric like

you okay there buddy? i hope you know most of that shit’s for listening and admiring or tattooing onto your arms and shit not bursting out into belly laughs

i mean you can laugh at “HELL YEAH I’M A DICK GIRL, A-DICK-TED TO YOU” but that’s not a lyric that you expect to happen every song you catch my drift

If I hear one thing about his voice, he has a lovely voice, maybe it’s because our dialects are similar, but but gah, someone posted that on the forum once saying his voice was annoying.

Some people are really really weird about the way other people’s voices sound. Personally, when he’s nice and chilled-out he sounds damn near soothing. I definitely couldn’t call his voice abrasive or annoying, just sometimes a little too much to process when he’s being chipper.

Let me guess, are they complaining that Projector isnt funny?

I don’t know if they’ve ever even seen Projector. It’s a post in the TGWTG tag, the first one or so. They put him as their second worst reviewer because he has a weird voice and he’s not funny.


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